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Metric to Non-metric Conversions

Listed below are many of the conversion factors required if you have data in non-metric form which you need to enter into DC-CALC. Alternatively, if you want to convert DC-CALC output to non-metric units you can also use these tables.

Note that 'meter' and 'liter' (US spelling) have the same meaning as 'metre' and 'litre', and their derivatives (European spelling)

Operation Metric
Operation Non-Metric
ounces x 28.35= grams x 0.0353= ounces
pounds x 453.6= grams x 0.0022= pounds
pounds x 0.454= kilograms x 2.203= pounds
tons x 1.016= tonnes x 0.984= tons
tons x 1016= kilograms x 0.000984= tons
inches x 25.4= millimeters x 0.03937= inches
inches x 2.54= centimeters x 0.3937= inches
inches x 0.0254= meters x 39.37= inches
thou x 0.0254= millimeters x 39.37= thou
feet x 0.305= meters x 3.279= feet
yards x 0.914= meters x 1.094= yards
miles x 1.609= kilometers x 0.6214= miles
sq. inches x 645= sq. millimeters x 0.00155= sq. inches
sq. inches x 6.452= sq. centimeters x 0.155= sq. inches
sq. feet x 0.0929= sq. meters x 10.76= sq. feet
sq. yards x 0.836= sq. meters x 1.196= sq. yards
sq. feet x 929= sq. centimeters x 0.00107= sq. feet
cu. inches x 0.0164= liters x 61.023= cu. inches
cu. feet x 28.33= liters x 0.0353= cu. feet
US gallons x 3.785= liters x 0.2642= US gallons
US gallons x 0.00397= cu. meters x 264.2= US gallons
cu. feet x 0.02832= cu. meters x 35.31= cu. feet
cu. yards x 0.7645= cu. meters x 1.308= cu. yards
cu. inches x 16.39= cu. centimeters x 0.061= cu. inches
US quarts x 0.946= liters x 1.057= US quarts
FLOW RATE        
cu. inches/sec x 0.0164= liters/sec x 61.023= cu. inches/sec
cu. inches/sec x 16.39= cu. centimeters/sec x 0.061= cu. inches/sec
feet/sec x 0.305= meters/sec x 3.279= feet/sec
miles/hour x 1.609= kilometers/hour x 0.6214= miles/hour
p.s.i x 0.0069= megapascals x 145= p.s.i.
atm x 100= kilopascals x 0.10= atm
bar x 100= kilopascals x 0.10= bar
horsepower x 0.746= kilowatts x 1.34= horsepower
horsepower x 746= watts x 0.00134= horsepower
BTU x 1052= joule x 0.000951= BTU
degrees Farenheit (F x 0.55)-17.8= degrees Centigrade (C x 1.8)+32= degrees Farenheit

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